Monday, 27 June 2011

Getting to know fellow bloggers- Thing 2 ( cpd 23 Things)

So I'm a bit behind already. I knew it would happen. I am now getting to know my fellow bloggers- actually I've been following a few for quite a while, but I'm one of those breeds who doesn't normally comment unless I'm driven by outrage, laughter or some other emotion. I must be really late to the game as it's only recently that I learned you're actually supposed to comment on everything you read (how is that possible? - I do need to sleep sometime you know). So the message I'm getting is I really ought to try harder.

Now, I don't want you to think that my apathy towards the online world is a symptom of uninterestedness. On the contrary, as implied earlier, I'm so busy reading, being nosy and thinking that I just don't normally have time to comment as well. So what's the answer? I'm still working on that one. Be less nosy? If anyone has any tips for being more active online in not much time at all I would be all ears (or all eyes).

And thank you for the comments about waiting to see some photos...just as soon as I find some time...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

cpd 23 - and a new blog

This is my first foray into the world of blogging.  It was not a lightly considerd one: I had actually decided not to have a blog at all - there are more than enough people out there blogging already, and many of them blogging about libraries and doing it well.  So I thought another one was not needed.  And, I always considered it slightly vain (sorry everyone). 

However, I have been persuaded by the new cpd 23 Things 2011.  I do not have a traditional library job, and I also work on my own: I don't have access to conferences or training days for librarians.  So it's kinda difficult to find ways of developing yourself and your role with only your computer and desk at your disposal.  I had to be creative, and I'm still finding ways of doing that.  So, this is part of my reflection process, and I hope in doing that I will develop my thoughts and skills along the way. 

I also wanted to make this blog more encompassing than librarianship.  For me, librarianship is linked to my love of reading (yes, I know that librarianship is about way more than this, but why shouldn't it be about books as well?), books in general, connecting people to books and information, and also about sharing - that's where the photography comes in.  Mainly, I just love beautiful images, but photography is also about sharing ideas, moments, infomation, and a little bit of beauty. 

Hope to meet you along the way!