The Fotos

February photos

More photos from the Ewe Sculpture garden.

January photos

New photos for the new year...  these are from a summer trip to the Ewe Sculpture garden in Ireland.

November photos

It's been a busy time recently, so no photos for September and October.  
Here is a sequence of photos from a concert at Jodrell bank over the summer - featuring a laser show from Australian Pink Floyd.  Here the lasers are projected onto the dish. 

August photos

Blue skies of August.

June photos

Blues and greens of summer...remember those?

May photos

Here's hoping for more of this for the coming month - greenery and sunshine.


Architecturally inspired April


Springtime trees, architecture, some mosaic and a gorgeous blue dress from a French exhibition.

Ok, I must have had a premonition about the weather last month.  So as a nod to the weather we've been having, here are some more snowy photos.


Even if the weather is unseasonal, here are some reminders of those snowy days.


A stormy day on a recent holiday to Shropshire.


I recently visited the 'Bond in Motion' exhibition at the Beulieu motor museum.  Here are some of the stars: Aston Martins, DB5, DBS, V8 Volante, and detail from the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.  No, I haven't got a soft spot for Aston Martins.  Not at all. 


Continuing the animal theme this month.  Some of these are taken from around Britain, some in France. 


The second half of the cat photograph project  - the other cat!


I spent a month photographing my two cats, inspired by a recent National Geographic issue, which featured domestic cat and dog photos.  Here are some of my favourites of one cat.



Some favourites from this year's Chelsea flower show.


Flaming June... in photos anyway.  A little reminder of summer whilst its on its holidays.  


The flowers and green hedgerows are starting to look lush with the extra rainfall recently.  The days are getting longer and thoughts turn to late spring and summer...


Where I live there have been tiny lambs appearing in fields over the last few weeks.  These pictures were actually taken last year on holiday on a farm near where we stayed.  The castle and the last picture of the  hills were of the surrounding areas.  I was lucky enough to see a lamb being born: in the right place at the right time - the ones shown here are only a few hours old, maybe a day or so.  


Here's looking forward to blue skies and baby bunnies (although the one in the photo here doesn't move a lot).  Some of these photos are from Florida, hence the dolphins.  The third photo is actually a picture of a print in an outdoor exhibition (Florida again).  


Oops, I missed January, so here are February's early... just in time for the cold weather. 


Wintery images taken from around my village in Northamptonshire.  It gets much colder out in the country, and snow - when it comes - lasts for much longer than in the city.  


A little pink colour for November.  These photos were taken around my home and from trips to Warwick Castle, and some jewel coloured glass bottles in Shropshire.  


More photos from France, mainly Amboise, featuring a bust of Leonardo De Vinci. 


These photos are from recent tips to France, and include images from Valencay, Amboise and Chenonceau Chateaux.

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