Saturday, 15 October 2011

Promoting yourself - Thing 21 (cpd 23 Things)

I'm really dreadful at promoting myself, and interviews are the worst of all. I have background in careers, so I know all the stuff about how to match your skills and experience to a job spec and person spec. I was once told that by the time you get to an interview, the panel already thinks you could do the job, it's just how things go on the day.

 And sometimes, it doesn't matter how much you prepare, it's just how the chemistry pans out. I really think this is true. Those first impressions are all important, and more important than we would like. A paper application doesn't get our personality over and sometimes it comes down to this. I was once on an interview panel where the person in charge of hiring didn't hire someone because they thought that person would be talk back too much.

 If you want the basics of how to get your foot in the door of an interview panel, I think the Wikiman does this pretty well but after that, half of success is hitting the interview criteria - which I Wikiman also covers well, but the other half is what you could call gut instinct of the panel. Also, panels are not created equal. Sometimes there will be one member who has the final say, no matter if the others agree on a candidate. If the final say doesn't agree, that candidate won't get the job.

I'm not saying all this to give the impressions that theres no hope, but it does mean that sometimes it doesn't matter how well you prepare, or how well you suit the job, it just won't work out on the day, and it won't be your fault. Being turned down for a job can really shatter your confidence, so take heart that it's not always you- sometimes it's them. Learn from it, and move on.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Library routes/roots - Thing 20 (cpd 23 Things)

As part of the library routes/rootes project, this Thing is to add my route into the information profession and add my blog link to the page:

So here goes:

2000 - part time careers information role at De Montfort University, which became full time as I took on other responsibilities.

2004-2009 - worked as Senior Information Assistant , part-time, evening, in the academic library at DMU.

2008 - completed MSc Information and Library Studies distance learning with Robert Gordon University.

2010 - my role at DMU became information and communications officer, a refocusing of my role which was now to work with staff as well in planning information related activities throughout through the year.

2011- role was made redundant, and I became a research assistant in the faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort. This role allows me to use information skills in an academic environment.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Prezi and image capture - Thing 17 (cpd 23 Things)

Until very recently I hadn't come across Prezi or seen now it works. I like to see work by others in Prezi but so far haven't used it myself. I do think that, like everything, Prezi needs to be used in balance. PowerPoint has been overused, but I think Prezi could get to be just as annoying if it isn't used carefully. That said, I will be taking some time to get to grips with Prezi as it's another useful tool. Most usefully for me, it may be used as a mind-mapping tool, head for personal projects as well as the usual presentation aid. Something else which is capturing the imagination of late are infographics - I've seen these popping up in the most unusual places, and am keen to try and use this as well.