Sunday, 11 September 2011

Jing/podcasts/screen capture- Thing 18 (cpd 23 Things)

I've not done a great deal of this personally, but I have been involved in the production of podcasts. Professional sounding pod cats done in a studio take a while to do and even longer editing. If there's an easier way to do podcasting this would be great!

 I like the idea of screen capturing tools, and jing being the one mentioned in 23 Things amongst other things, seems like a good solution, relatively easy to use. Not being aware of these tools before, I've done some very basic instruction sheets before on Word functionality for colleagues. Screen capturing tools are a definite upmarket improvement on this and worth remembering for next time I need to show a colleague how to do something!

 The only thing to mremember with these tools I think is to keep them short. I think several minutes is actually too long and I've seen many cases where podcasts are ten minutes or longer. If these are especially aimed at college / HE students then they need to be short and sweet. Personally I've never clicked on a podcast or video which is longer than eight minutes, at an absolute push (and only if it's something I really need).

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