Sunday, 2 October 2011

Prezi and image capture - Thing 17 (cpd 23 Things)

Until very recently I hadn't come across Prezi or seen now it works. I like to see work by others in Prezi but so far haven't used it myself. I do think that, like everything, Prezi needs to be used in balance. PowerPoint has been overused, but I think Prezi could get to be just as annoying if it isn't used carefully. That said, I will be taking some time to get to grips with Prezi as it's another useful tool. Most usefully for me, it may be used as a mind-mapping tool, head for personal projects as well as the usual presentation aid. Something else which is capturing the imagination of late are infographics - I've seen these popping up in the most unusual places, and am keen to try and use this as well.

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