Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Current awareness - Thing 4 (cpd 23 Things)

Gosh, I actually almost feel like a proper librarian. I already use twitter and rss feeds (probably far too many of them). That leaves pushnote, which I hadn't heard of until today, so I duly went over and signed up. Then wondered what was supposed to happen. Ah, I've got to wait for some stars to turn a different colour, and play about with some websites. Sounds good. Will be doing that at an opportune moment. There's a slight drawback in that IE is used at work, so I can't use it there, but I'm sure I'll cope by using my trusty iPad (which I saw absolutely no need for when my other half returned home with one he'd accidentally bought, but which now I use all the time. In fact I'm using it now.)

Wuld be interested to see how useful other people find pushnote.

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