Sunday, 24 July 2011

Reflection - Thing 5 (cpd 23 Things)

I've recently tried to incorporate more reflection in my everyday working life. I began this before joining in with the 23 things, as I wanted to create more ways to incorporate cpd in my work, and it was also something I began doing when I started my chartership a little while ago. I've written before about how difficult I find chartering whilst not working in a traditional library role, and being more reflective I hoped would help me with this. I think it has- certainly in this situation a little creativity is needed when it comes to developing ideas and skills.

I'm hoping that this blog will help me take reflection one stage further and perhaps help me get some feedback from others who are beginning the reflective process or are undertaking this process in a non-traditional role. do we have to be that little bit more reflective if we are taking a non-traditional path? I also think that reflection is vital if, like myself, you don't work with other librarians. The simple act of bouncing ideas and thoughts off colleagues doing similar roles can be very useful, and a lone worker will miss this often taken for granted part of work. So, we have to find ways of replacing this 'bouncing ideas' activity - enter the blog!

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