Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Evernote - Thing 9 (cpd 23 Things)

Yay, now we're onto something I know about.  I do like Evernote, and I started using it a little while ago.  I used to use notebooks (although I still do, just in a different way to my everyday "I want to remember that' kind of way).  But now I get to file away everything I want to make a note of all in one place, and I can tag, sort, rearrange, deleter, add to, edit and view to my heart's content.   Notes, web pages, URLs, pictures, whatever you want can go into Evernote.

I've converted a few other people too, who are all finding it useful.  And you can take it with you wherever you have access to a PC, or use it on your iPhone or ipad with the apps for those machines.  Syncing makes it seamless.  In short, it's great.  Try it if you haven't already!

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