Sunday, 21 August 2011

Google docs, wikis and dropbox - Thing 13 (cpd 23 Things)

Google docs and Dropbox

I've not used these before and I can already see huge potential for the role I'm currently in. I've just finished working on a collaborative project which involved constant emailing of updated versions with subject headings in capital letters of 'LATEST VERSION'! Using something like google docs or dropbox would have saved this particular headache, and I was already starting to think along these lines, which would have been so much easier.

The challenge: changing the way academics work. Some academics are not technical friendly and would find the hassle of having to remember another login just a bridge too far, and I can see how in the course of a very busy day it can seem like having to create another account and keep track of another login (who can remember them all anyway?) this would be too much. I think the benefits outweigh the initial 'getting to grips' with a new system, so I'll work on selling document sharing to some of my colleagues.


I've used wikis set up by others for projects before, eg. I've participated in the library routes project, and used it for work before but not set one up myself. I'll be looking for ways these can be used in academic research.

I think all in all, technology is underused is research, so it's really interesting to try and find new ways, or even trying to establish some basic ways that technology can be used. It's quite exciting!

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