Monday, 15 August 2011

Social Networking - Thing 12 (cpd 23 Things)

I'm guessing even the most unenthusiastic social networker uses social networks.   I know people who don't know how to text and refuse to learn.  Perhaps they don't need to.  They do use email prolifically though, so what's the step from emailing to social networking?   I wonder what's that little push?

I don't actively use facebook, but I do keep an eye on posts that come directly to me.  I can see that there's benefit in using these online networks, and I'm slowly building up my professional network which is really important to me.  Online networking is really my only link with what's happening in libraryland, and it's the only place I get to hear about what other info and library people are talking about.  

There is a down side, though.  I love my friends, but I don't really need to know that they are suffering from a hangover.  This is the thing I dislike about social networking.  I've seen ex-colleagues talking about clients on their facebook page.  I've seen people talking about a colleague they share an office with on Twitter.  You all know that this is a complete no-no, and yet when there is just you and your keyboard/phone you think that the person you're talking about will never see your comments.  And I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to list what I've had for breakfast.  Also, for me personally, I hate swearing.

Once you put something out on social media it pretty much stays there... that's one to think about.  

Social media has brought me into contact with loads of people I wouldn't otherwise have come into contact with, and would have had no way of coming into contact with.  That's quite mind-blowing when you sit down and start to think about it.  I've had contact with people who are sleeping right now because of time-zones. It makes staying in touch easier than it's ever been, although online contacts are very different to any other kind of 'relationship'.  It's different mind-set, a different groove.

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